Saturday, May 30, 2015

Minooka 201 School Board Meeting Video Recordings May 27, 2015

Click here for a video of the Minooka CCSD 201 Committee of the Whole Meeting that occurred on May 27, 2015.

Clearly, not everyone is a fan of my blog or my right to free speech which is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (see the exchange between Ed Cronin and myself from minute 48:00 to 53:10 in the above video--warning, contains some explicit language).

To see what I actually wrote about the similarities between the severance packages of the College of DuPage President and Superintendent Gegenheimer, click here.

In addition, for background regarding the Minooka CCSD 201 school board's unanimous vote to reprimand Superintendent Gegenheimer for unprofessional conduct, click here for a Morris Daily Herald article and here and here for previous posts.

Further, to read about why I blog about Minooka CCSD 201 and why I believe that public bodies and public officials who spend taxpayer dollars should be subject to public scrutiny and transparency, click here.  The school board is responsible for spending over $30 million dollars in taxpayer monies every year.  I believe that taxpayers should be able to hear and see how their publicly elected officials spend their hard-earned dollars, regardless of whether they are able to actually attend the school board meetings.

Regarding the concern that my blog might scare away potential candidates for superintendent--if a potential candidate does not think that they can maintain a sufficiently professional demeanor toward school board members, staff, and parents such that I would call for their reprimand or non-renewal, then I hope that they have chosen on their own not to submit an application for the position of superintendent.  I will never know whether any potential candidates have chosen not to apply due to my blog.  However, there are currently 42 applicants for the position of superintendent.  I have been told by a representative of the IASB that a district of our size should expect a candidate pool of between 30 and 50 applicants.

Finally, for anyone who wants to know what my agenda as a school board member is, it is to provide a good education to the students at an affordable price to the taxpayers.  And I would like this to be done by school officials and employees in a professional, ethical and legal manner. 

Click here for a video of the business portion of the Minooka CCSD 201 Regular Meeting that occurred on May 27, 2015.

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  1. May 30th, 2015
    Minooka District 201
    Board of Education members

    Dear Board member,

    I would like to start this letter out with some background information. I have 3 children 2 of whom have already gone through Minooka schools. My last child is 7 years old and is in 2nd grade. I have attended meetings in this district for over 14 years. What my daughter and I witnessed during the meeting on May 27, 2015 was appalling.

    My daughter was with me for the first time ever. We were running late and I thought that attending the 6pm meeting would be quick and informative. I had given my little girl strict instructions as to how I expected her to behave. She was to show respect to the important people because they are in charge of making important decision about her education. She brought in a book and was reading it until Mr. Cronin began to speak. When I saw her watching Mr. Cronin is when I decided it was best to leave. However it was too late because my daughter became a witness to the vile use of language that went on.

    I came to the decision of writing this letter after several days of thought as to why this type of behavior was allowed to go on. First and foremost there was no reason for the public display that every community member and child was subjected to. I understand that some topic discussions will become heated. But Mr. Cronin conducted himself in a very unprofessional way. The type of language that was used and directed at another board member was disgusting. The fact that it went on and was allowed to continue is even more disappointing. This is the part that I can’t understand. There was no explanation I could give my little girl as to why this exchange happened.

    I strongly recommend that this board figure out what is appropriate and not appropriate for a public meeting. There are just somethings that the community does not need to be aware of. I think what stands out the most from this particular meeting from all the ones I have attended in the past 14 years, is the lack of respect that was shown toward a fellow board member and the community as a whole by Mr. Cronin. I know you have closed meetings and this type of argument should have taken place during that time.

    Mr. Cronin your job as a board member is to have all the children of District 201’s best interests in mind. One of those children was sitting before you Mr. Cronin watching and listening. Mr. Cronin your type of behavior is what divides the school board. We as a community need to move on and get ready for the very difficult decisions that we are about to face. Your behavior was nonproductive and is only hurting our district even more. I was impressed with the number of candidates that we have in a district of this size. I hope none of those candidates feel that they are less than because of your comments suggesting that the” A-team candidates” might not apply.

    Mr. Cronin had stated at the meeting that if community members want to know what goes on during meetings they can attend or read about it in the paper. Well I attended and can honestly say that now I wish I hadn’t. I’m as deeply disappointed and worried as to how this board is going to conduct business. Please try and work together, and remember there are little people that are counting on all of you to make decisions that will affect their education.

    I do not expect a response from this letter. I just wanted all members to know what the situation looked like from the eyes of a community member attending a simple board meeting.