Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Results of 5 Essentials Survey

Last year, each public school district in Illinois was required to participate in something called the 5 Essentials Survey.  This was a survey created by the University of Chicago to measure schools and districts along five factors that were found by their study to be essential to the success of a school district.  (You may remember this survey since teachers, students and parents were asked to participate.)  The survey responses were used to evaluate districts and schools in the following five areas:  Ambitious Instruction, Effective Leaders, Collaborative Teachers, Involved Families, and Supportive Environment.  The following rankings were applied to each area:  Very Strong, Strong, Neutral, Weak, Very Weak, and Low Response or N/A.

Click here for the results of the 5 Essentials Survey for Minooka 201.  Overall, Minooka 201 was rated "Neutral" in the area of Ambitious Instruction, "Weak" in the area of Effective Leaders, "Neutral" in the area of Collaborative Teachers, "Strong" in the area of Involved Families, and "Neutral" in the area of Supportive Environment.  For more information (much more information), please take a look at the entire results for Minooka 201.

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